Wellcome to the First Italian FORD Cougar Official Site

14/10/2011 - From today, the original Domani Name is sold, so the site stay here at this domani, clubhell.it to an unlimited period.

25/05/2004 - From the second half of 2000, I'm a owner of this car; the many difficulties of owning and mantaining, due above all to the little preparation of the Italian market and the same FORD Italy, have seen to me obliged to search alone how much were necessary to know and to have for being able to consider beautiful to possess this car. So noticing with the time not to be the only one to having small problems, and I've learned howto solve most of them by the American forum boards, a great resource of solutions and knowledges.

I feel myself therefore to put at disposition of all of us what I have learned with much hard work, in the sincere hope that aids all to appreciate and to revalue one car of sure thickness, by now forgotten from the Italian market.

Personally, I have taken apart in every its part this car, both in electronic and mechanical, and therefore also I'm not being any kind of a mechanic or whatever, but now considering myself something like one with a good knowledge on it, for the many informations collected in the internet in these years, and some times better than some italian technicians. Obviously I'm not a genius, I'm only one that wants to collect all informations possible on this car, to put here for Italian Community.

I invite anyone to contribute most possible to the contents of this site, in order to allow to the Italian owners of this car to don't lose the patience, and not to have big maintenance costs caused by incorrect knowledge.